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We work with businesses exactly like yours in BC to provide
SR&ED government funding. We also work with Tax Accountants in BC who want us to assist with SR&ED grants for their clients - call us

Professional SR&ED Consulting

Innotek provides professional consulting and related services to Canadian companies with any type of Scientific Research or ...

Hassle-free Process

We make sure that the entire claims process is risk and hassle-free for you and requiring minimal ...

Is Your Business Eligible?

The Canadian Government supports and incentivizes business that invest in and develop technological advancement, scientific knowledge and ...

SR&ED Made Simple

We work with a wide range of businesses in BC providing SR&ED consulting.
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SR&ED Eligibility

Meet with you to identify your claimable projects and determine SR&ED eligibility

SR&ED Submissions

Submit documentation for your review prior to sending to CRA

Experimental Activity

Prepare a comprehensive technical report detailing experimental activity

Documents & Reporting

Prepare all financial documentation such as tax schedules and accounting reports

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