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Innotek provides professional consulting and related services to Canadian companies with any type of Scientific Research or Experimental Development activities (also referred to as Research & Development:  R&D) which focus on progressive advancement in their field of expertise. 

We make sure that the entire claims process is risk and hassle-free for you and requiring minimal time input on your part. We do all the work, and we take the SR&ED  claim process from start to finish in the most efficient and effective way possible.

In order to prepare a successful SR&ED ITC claim Innotek will:

  • Meet with you in person to screen your business activities and determine their SR&ED eligibility

  • Prepare a comprehensive technical report detailing your Scientific Research or Experimental Development activities

  • Prepare all the tax schedules and accounting reports pertaining to your project’s cost

  • Submit the completed claim for your approval

  • Submit your SR&ED claim to CRA

  • Provide support for all SR&ED technical and financial reviews

  • Innotek will work with you from start to finish and complete every step of the claims process to your satisfaction. Your success is our success!

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Innotek SR&ED Web Form

Innotek SR&ED Web Form