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Innotek provides professional consulting and R&D services to Canadian companies with any type of Scientific Research or Experimental Development activities which focus on progressive advancement in their field of expertise.

We specialize in finding and outsourcing the right experts for your R&D Projects in any field.

By putting together research and development teams, guide and assist with a wide range of activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. We will assist with the complete process from the first early stages in development, to complete finalization of the project.

Alongside with a wide range of R&D tools, Innotek provides professional consulting on SR&ED applications after your R&D project is completed.

We make sure that the entire claims process is risk and hassle-free for you and requiring minimal time input on your part. We do all the work, and we take the SR&ED  claim process from start to finish in the most efficient and effective way possible.

In order to prepare a successful SR&ED ITC claim Innotek will:

  • Meet with you in person to screen your business activities and determine their SR&ED eligibility

  • Prepare a comprehensive technical report detailing your Scientific Research or Experimental Development activities

  • Prepare all the tax schedules and accounting reports pertaining to your project’s cost

  • Submit the completed claim for your approval

  • Submit your SR&ED claim to CRA

  • Provide support for all SR&ED technical and financial reviews

  • Innotek will work with you from start to finish and complete every step of the claims process to your satisfaction. Your success is our success!

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Free SR&ED Constellation Request

Free SR&ED Constellation Request